magnum odysseus

giving away icons? a free prize inside? inspiring unexpected journeys…@jw on twitter…

facebook mobile guy - dave fetterman

400M users? I hate facebook

100M mobile users


360 degree lidar imagery for in car navigation…navteq true…

very cool app from esri..can’t wait to check it out…


10m reviews, 1m reviews everything 2.5 months

yelp uses mechanical turk

augmented reality is the sat imagery of 2005

yelp enabling checkin, quicktips…

yelp sales force, local business sign up

60 percent growth in content on yelp


Ted Morgan

200m wifi acess points, 1.9 cell towers

70% population coverage in us, europe, expanding in asia

300m location requests daily, (a shit load) going for 1b, 11 patents

90m devices on the network

location app growth jun-08 minimal to over 8000, up from 3000 last year

most on the app store

Fake Mayor and iPoo

integrate the data, new york and paris are busiest, but austin was the biggest during sxsw

top categories: travel, nav, lifestyle, productivity, health, social networking, enterntainment

check in humanized location

local faves, kit to add loc tagging, map views, rankings, social networking, venue checkin, follow other users…

take a picture of a drink, flikr it, check in, tweet

Fave, track, discuss

ereaders - what is popular around me and what is about this area

demo-skyhook built a drinking app, what are people drinking around me, drink more, get higher on the list…Faves

fascinating map by john wesley powell

cool data point from usgs on lining state boundaries…

digital globe

unprocessed accuracy of unprocessed gps link…accuracy issues from satellite imagery…get it down to 1.5 meters…digitalgloble 1.5 meter bathymetry maps to 20 meters…

C3 is amazing stuff

very nice data on stockholm, london, vegas and sf…really nice…they claim its automatic, but skeptical…regardless, its beautiful stuff…see

big ideas at where

hanke- most of the world has very little on it on the web…helping fill that out is a big opportunity…dashboards for business owners…

user gen content for yelp is jumping…ultimately, there will be a user gen streetview…